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EH Con Canada donates $15,000 to the Toronto Humane Society

Thanks To All 2018 Attendees for Making this Donation Possible

[Toronto, Ontario, December 21, 2018] –


When we started Earper Homestead Convention Canada (EH Con Canada), we wanted to do things differently. As the first Canadian convention to exclusively celebrate the award-winning Syfy/Space television show Wynonna Earp, we were determined to make space to celebrate the Canadian identity and the value of Canadian content in genre television. We registered EH Con Canada as a non-profit organization to ensure that we, in the Earper spirit, could give back to registered Canadian charities.

In that light, EH Con Canada is proud to announce to you that thanks to all of the Earpers who made EH Con 2018 a success, we were able to donate $15,000 to the Toronto Humane Society!

As many of you know, the show’s own Katherine Barrell is a passionate animal rights advocate and a vocal supporter of the Toronto Humane Society.  Knowing this, we wanted to make sure that this money would be used in a meaningful way.

The Toronto Humane Society (THS) is an animal welfare organization that has been around since 1887. They strive to help as many animals as they can and offer many programs to assist animals and families in need. In an effort to reduce overpopulation and unwanted litters, the THS advocates that animals be Spayed and Neutered; every cat and dog that enters the THS is Spayed or Neutered prior to adoption. In an effort to reduce the number of animals that enter the shelter system, the THS also offer public Spay and Neuter appointments.

The $15,000 from EH Con Canada will help provide about 40 dog spay/neuters and about 94 cat surgeries! That means we helped prevent at least 134 unwanted litters and potentially prevented over 500 animals from entering the shelter system!  

This kind of donation is what we were hoping to accomplish and we’re more than proud to share this announcement with you, especially as we’ve announced EH Con is back for 2019.  We cannot wait to see what 2019 brings!

Your friends,

EH Con Canada Committee