Melanie Scrofano

Appearing Saturday and Sunday ONLY

Melanie Scrofano grew up in Ottawa, Ontario where she began modelling at the age of thirteen and transitioned into acting when her agent began submitting her for local roles.

By the age of sixteen Melanie found herself regularly riding the bus between Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal for auditions and jobs. She went on to have an array of film and television roles over the years such as Rebecca in CBC’s Being Erica, Tia Tremblay in CTV’s The Listener, but her most recent and notable role is SYFY/Space’s Wynonna Earp where she plays the lead of the same name.

In 2017 Melanie won E! online’s fan voted award ‘Girl On Top’ which is a true testament to how much fans appreciate what her talent brings to the series. In 2018 she won the same award again (renamed to E! Leading Lady) proving that Earpers rule the world.