artist alley

Highlighting Canadian talent
In celebration of the Canadianness of Wynonna Earp, we are hosting solely Canadian artists and Canadian-owned vendors. At the moment, registration is by invitation only. Check out which artists we've announced below, and plan to bring a big suitcase!

valentine smith

Valentine M. Smith is an illustrator whose work focuses on LGBTQ+, Horror, and Theatrical themes. Her pieces take inspiration from screen printing and other printmaking methods, working to meld digital and traditional tools seamlessly.

She graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in illustration, and won the Roger T. Hane award for excellence in Illustration.

When she isn't producing work for clients, Valentine is making personal work to promote and show at local galleries, as well as finding new ways of working and improving her art.

You can find updates on her current projects on her blog,, or on twitter and instagram under @valentinemsm1th


krystal beisick

Krystal Beisick (better known as "ScaryKrystal") is an illustrator from the home of Wynonna Earp itself, Calgary, Alberta. She likes to draw spooky themed fanart and silly comics that combine her love of the show, westerns, and the supernatural.

Her work is detailed and compelling and begs to be explored and savoured.

You can find all things Krystal on her website and follow her on twitter and instagram under @scarykrystal


Diana benitez

Diana Benitez is a self taught illustrator, working primarily on a digital platform. She hails from Edmonton, Alberta, and is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta, with plans to attend the Edmonton Digital Arts College post graduation to study illustration and sequential art. 

She enjoys drawing fan art from various shows, movies, and video games, focusing on human interaction and character design. She currently creates art as a second income, selling her works online as prints, pins, stickers, and more. 

Some of her work was featured in an art book distributed by LGBT Fans Deserve Better, and has also created exclusive pieces for several Wynonna Earp conventions. 

Apart from creating art for others, she also enjoys creating art for herself, practicing with different mediums such as charcoal, graphite, and paint. Find her online Storenvy here, and follow her on twitter and instagram @DBenitez95