2019 panels



You asked and we listened. This year’s EH Con includes a panel with Dom & Kat, and we are just as excited as all of you to hear these 2 supportive, goofy buds talk about all things Wayhaught, Wynonna Earp, and… who knows what else!

All panels are accessible to valid 3-day and that day’s 1-day pass holders.

whisky knights:
making wynonna earp medieval

The quality of Wynonna Earp’s writing needs no introduction. It is a brilliantly plotted, carefully scripted show that fans and critics alike recognize for its diversity, creativity, and courage. But what happens when we take some of Wynonna Earp’s famed story elements and characterization and examine them within a medieval framework? Is such a thing even possible? What does King Arthur have to do with Wynonna Earp? Could Peacemaker and Excalibur be best friends? Can the Holy Grail hold all of Purgatory’s whisky?

Join Dr. Lauren aka Wrack Wonder as she compares the legends of King Arthur with the legend of Wyatt Earp’s heir. Swords! Booze! Queer stuff! Hold onto your butts, we’re getting’ Medieval.

You may recognize Dr. Lauren (Wrack Wonder) from her long, unasked for twitter threads like “Nicole Haught is a matinee idol,” “The barn scene is the best,” and “Nicole Haught’s favourite movie is Silence of the Lambs.” She has also been known to dabble in fanfiction. In real life, she holds a PhD in Medieval Literature and teaches English Literature and Communications.

All panels are accessible to valid 3-day and that day’s 1-day pass holders.