artist alley

Highlighting Canadian Talent
This year we opened up our Artist Alley applications to bring in more talented folks to expand our small but mighty Alley from last year. This was in response to a survey sent to last year's attendees, and also done from our own interest in raising the profile of as many fandom artists as we could.

Though not intentional, we are thrilled that for the second year running we have another group of solely Canadian artists and Canadian-owned vendors on offer at EH Con Canada! Check out which artists we've announced below!

valentine smith

Valentine M. Smith is an illustrator whose work focuses on LGBTQ+, Horror, and Theatrical themes. Her pieces take inspiration from screen printing and other printmaking methods, working to meld digital and traditional tools seamlessly.

She graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in illustration, and won the Roger T. Hane award for excellence in Illustration.

When she isn't producing work for clients, Valentine is making personal work to promote and show at local galleries, as well as finding new ways of working and improving her art.

You can find updates on her current projects on her blog,, or on twitter and instagram under @valentinemsm1th


Diana benitez

Diana Benitez is a self taught illustrator, working primarily on a digital platform. She hails from Edmonton, Alberta, and is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta, with plans to attend the Edmonton Digital Arts College post graduation to study illustration and sequential art. 

She enjoys drawing fan art from various shows, movies, and video games, focusing on human interaction and character design. She currently creates art as a second income, selling her works online as prints, pins, stickers, and more. 

Some of her work was featured in an art book distributed by LGBT Fans Deserve Better, and has also created exclusive pieces for several Wynonna Earp conventions. 

Apart from creating art for others, she also enjoys creating art for herself, practicing with different mediums such as charcoal, graphite, and paint. Find her online Storenvy here, and follow her on twitter and instagram @DBenitez95


9five7 Pyrography

Artist Bio: “Hey, I'm Sarah and I'm a pyrographer! I fell into the medium as a means of stress relief/depression therapy and haven't looked back - I was literally told to start selling pieces because I had so many laying around the house.”

Find Sarah: Deviant Art & @patient9five7



Artist Bio: “I'm a fine artist that specializes in portraiture - I love to draw in pastels and oil paint. I'm a huge fan of Wynonna Earp and last year I drew 18 pastel portraits, created 3 oil paintings and 1 Wayhaught collage out of magazine clippings. I also created the card the YYC/AB Earpers gave the cast when they came last year to start filming. I am currently drawing most of the significant characters from season 3 and posting a new drawing per week. So far I've drawn Wynonna, Kate, Robin and Doc. I also completed another Wayhaught oil painting recently and am working on an Earp sisters painting at the moment.”

Find Nathalie: @Nathalie_fanart


Miss Totos AKA Lisa

Artist Bio: “I am a 36 year old artist that is a proud member of the LGBTQ community. I enjoy working with different types of mediums. I sew, I draw, I paint, I make jewelry and key chains. I really want to give back to the community so I will be doing giveaways and attempting to raise money to send someone to next years EHcon that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to go.”

Find Lisa: @MissTotos


Carlie McCoy

Artist Bio: “Growing up, I spent most of my time drawing and watching television, so it seemed only natural for me to get into fanart. Though I spent some time at OCAD for Graphic Design before moving back home to try Graphic Design and Animation at Mohawk college, I consider myself a self-taught artist and pride myself on my ability to learn new techniques and styles easily.”

Find Carlie: @carlie_mccoy


Patricia Zum Hingst

Artist Bio: “As machinist I love to create beautifully made objects that last a lifetime. A truly tangible object that means something to you, that you can hold, and use. I learnt this art through my father, who founded our family company in British Columbia. Since the age of five he taught me the art of good machining; of how to look at a billet of material and see an object hidden inside, waiting to take life. I am proud to continue this artisan principle, and to have the opportunity to bring my own designs and ideas to reality and offer high quality collectibles to the Earper community.”

Pre orders are recommended!

Find Patricia: Etsy & @zum_hingst